Ultrasonic Cleaner

The main function of this step is to clean and dry the contaminated parts by using multiple baths of Ultrasonic cleaning System

  • Pre-cleaning
    Separation of loose contamination from the components
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
    Separation of critical contamination from the components with ultrasonic waves
  • Rinsing with air agitation at 60ºC
    Separation of previous stages cleaning tresses on the component
  • Hot air drying
    Drying of components by Hot air blown from all sides of the tank
  • Rust Preventive Oiling (R.P.O.)
    After above complete cleaning cycles, a layer of rust preventive oil is applied on the cleaned componets

Single stage Variant

3 stage Ultrasonic Cleaner

4 stage Ultrasonic Cleaner

Punch & Die Holder