CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility


The Company is highly supportive of the involvement of its employees in its CSR initiatives and in community activities/charities of their choice, and will therefore proactively engage with employees and other key stakeholders to solicit their active involvement in the Company’s CSR programs. To provide a focused and structured approach to the program, the Company will focus its support and CSR spends on specific pre-determined causes and Areas.

The CSR team would put up to the Committee appropriate details of proposed projects including implementation year, modalities of execution in the areas/sectors chosen, implementation schedules for the same etc. The CSR Committee will consider and approve (in line with the guidelines given below), CSR projects/programs to be undertaken during the year.

a) The Company will ensure that its CSR projects are non discriminatory in nature and do not have any restrictive political or religious affiliations.
b) The programs/ projects will be within the areas recommended / listed by the CSR Committee and mentioned in the Policy.
c) The programs/ projects will be beyond business as usual.
d) The programs/projects will be implemented within the country and preferably in areas where the Company has its presence.
e) The Company will actively consider Programs/Projects that have been identified by employees and also those where employees are directly involved through volunteering efforts
f) Programs/Projects that integrate business models with social and environmental priorities and processes in order to create shared value will be encouraged
g) The Company will consider Programs/Projects closely linked with the principles of sustainable development
h) Programs/Projects should not be exclusively for the benefit of employees of the company or their family members or those that are conducted /undertaken exclusively in pursuance of the normal course of business)Any surplus, generated out of the CSR activities of the Company, will be ploughed back to the CSR Initiatives of the Company.