CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility


Our CSR is to have

  • Respect for all stakeholders
  • Devotion to work ethics
  • Honesty in the flow of information
  • Continued relations based on customer satisfaction
All our CSR Activities relate to one or more activities listed in Schedule VII to the Act. This is subject to amendment of the Act and/or Rules from time to time.

The CSR Activities to be undertaken by the Company during each financial year along with the particulars of projects, planned expenditure and implementation schedule are outlined in Annexure I to this CSR Policy.

Overall governance of CSR and approving of the CSR Policy will be the responsibility of the CSR Committee of the Board. The CSR Team of the Company will be responsible for administering and executing the policy. As the Company’s CSR activities evolve further, the policy may be revised with the approval of the CSR Committee of the Board.