CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility


The Company’s CSR activities will be driven by a dedicated CSR team under the guidance and support of senior functionaries, in particular, the CMD/MD. The CSR Committee would play a significant role in ensuring involvement of CSR across the company’s operations and the CSR programs are in line with the policy.

  • The CSR Committee shall monitor all CSR Activities, including utilization of funds to ensure their effective implementation in accordance with the CSR Rules read with Section 135 of the Act.
  • The CSR Committee shall conduct 2 meetings in a gap of six months every year wherein the committee shall review the CSR programs under implementation and also plan for the upcoming projects/programs.
  • The minutes of the meetings of the CSR Committee shall be placed before the Board.
  • The Company will conduct impact assessment on a periodic basis
  • The CSR Committee may be directed by the Board to present the cost incurred on CSR Activities annually.
  • The CSR Team would have the responsibility of monitoring approved projects and funds disbursals for such projects.
Monitoring mechanisms will Include visits, meetings and progress/status reporting by the project teams. The Company’s CSR activities will be reviewed by the CSR Committee.