EP 700 – AWC

  • Direct shaft drive to the turret through a Heavy duty reduction gearbox and Electro magnetic clutch
  • Very sturdy & rigid construction and capable of producing tablet at 100KN Pre & Main compression ona continuous basis
  • 100KN of Pre compression and Main compression force
  • All tablet parameters controlled from Panel PC through precision ENCODER controlled Servo motors
  • Output for single layer tablet – 51 stn D tooling – 3,67,200 TPH 61 stn B tooling – 439200 TPH 75 stn BB tooling – 540000 TPH
  • Force measurement at Pre compression, Main compression, Ejection force and take off force
  • Feed back control for flow of Powder from the hopper to the force feeder
  • Accurate weight control function with SD of less than 2%
  • 21 CFR part 11a compliance with Audit trail function