EP 400 – Standard Model

  • Two Way Discharge Chute for Good Tablet and Automatic Startup / Stop Tablet Rejection with Settable time duration
  • Tablet parameter control through sieko dial mounted hand knobs from outside the machine
  • Auto sampling of 1st layer tablet in bi layer mode
  • Auto hard tablet sampling of the 1st layer
  • 10.4’’ HMI with High memory capacity and faster monitor speeds & Multi-language support
  • Swing Arm mounted Control Panel includes:
    • SMART Touch Screen HMI
    • Mode Selector Switch for SETUP / OFF / RUN
    • START / STOP Switches
    • Emergency Stop

General Specification

  • Turret with Electroless Nickel Plating for corrosion resistance
  • Double Paddle Force Feeder with Clockwise & Counter Clockwise rotation of paddles
  • Compression rollers tonnage capacity of 20kN/2Tons for Pre 100kN/10Tons for Main
  • Segmented type double walled Cams design for easy Maintenance & change over
  • Tool-less HOPPER Stainless Steel (SS-316) fitment with tri-clover joint with Powder Control Valve
  • PULL DOWN CAM Alloy Steel (EN353) for reduced dust generation during upper punch entry
  • BI-LAYER attachment with Online Auto Sampling of 1st layer thru' touch screen (Optional)
  • 'TOOL SAFE' overload system (Optional)