Ep 400 AWC – Double Rotary Tablet Press
with Auto Weight Control System

  • EP 400 AWC is offered in variants of 27 D tooling/29 D tooling / 35 B tooling or 45BB tooling
  • The machine is built sturdy for heavy duty application
  • Direct drive to the turret through a High torque reduction gear box & ACVFD
  • Independent ACVFD for each force feeder (Station 1 & Station 2)
  • Separate electrical panel & operating panel
  • HMI Panel PC for operating the mk
  • 21CFR part 11 compliance
  • Defective tablet identification by force measurement
  • Independent layer weight control in Bi layer by force measurement
  • Auto sampling of 1st layer tablet in bi layer mode
  • 4 level of PASSWORD control for different user level with different rights