EP 200 – Single Rotary Tablet Press

  • Ideally suited for R & D plants, Pilot scale production, Pharmacy colleges, High value low volume products, Non Pharma applications
  • Fully cGMP compliant Tablet Press in terms of Design, Metallurgy, Easy Accessibility etc
  • Tool-less hopper fitment with tri-clover joint
  • Turret with Electro less Nickel Plating for excellent corrosion resistance & can be provided with ‘D’, ‘B’ or combination ‘D’, ‘B’ & ‘BB’ Tooling
  • Direct drive to the Turret – No intermediate gearing hence no power or traction loss
  • Large capacity motor ensures no jerks/slippages even when compressing large tablets
  • Equal sized Pre & Main Compression rollers of 60 kN (6 Ton) capacity each
  • Double Paddle Force Feeder with ‘Peek Plate’ with Clockwise & Counter Clockwise rotation of paddles