EP 200 - Standard Model

  • Equal sized Pre & Main Compression rollers of 60kN/6Tons rated capacity each
  • Main motor & Feeder motor control through AC Variable Frequency Drive
  • Ejection Force Measurement with Load Cell
  • The integrated control panel includes:
    • Touch Screen HMI
    • Mode Selector Switch for SETUP/OFF/RUN
    • START/STOP Switches
    • Emergency Stop

General Specification

  • Compact, Heavey duty & sturdy construction
  • Ideally suited for R&D plants, Pilot scale production, Pharmacy collages, High value low volume products, Non Pharma applications
  • Fully cGMP compliant Tablet Press in terms of Design, Metallurgy, Easy Accessibility etc.
  • Direct drive to the turret
  • High torque motor ensures smooth functioning high at compression force
  • Pull down cam for reduced dust generation during upper punch entry