Eco VII (AFR) – Double Rotary High Speed
ECOmpression Press

  • Fully cGMP compliant Tablet Press in robust four pillar construction.
  • Precision machined Electro less Nickel Plated Turret with double thrust bearing & lower punch seal.
  • Sliding Press Roll Assembly for easy changeover
  • AHCOS – Auto Hydraulic Compression Overload System.
  • Internal Helical Drive to the Turret through high torque reduction gear box.
  • Three stage Paddle Force Feeder with Clockwise & Counter Clockwise rotation of paddles.
  • Main & Feeder Motor control through AC Variable Frequency Drive.
  • Large capacity motor ensures no jerks/slippages even when compressing large tablets.
  • Pre & Main Compression rollers tonnage capacity:
    • D tooling: 20 kN (2 Ton) & 100 kN (10 Ton)
    • B & BB tooling: 20kN (2 Ton) & 60 kN (6 Ton)
  • The Automatic Startup / Stop Tablet Rejection for segregation of tablets produced during initial & final stage of the batch.